Welcome to the Radical Frame Film Series - Short Film Series

The idea for the Radical Frame Film Festival started a few years ago when a group of Denver activists, artists, and friends decided to bring the messages of video activist cinema into the public eye. We feel that due to the current social and political climate, both locally and globally, our mission -- to provide a forum for thought provoking films and debates -- is more critical than ever .

We are committed to presenting progressive, leftist, radical, anti-racist, experimental, and visionary films that address issues including, but not limited to, the environment, human rights, social injustice, anti-globalization, etc…

The Radical Frame Film Festival is a forum where filmmakers can thrive outside the mainstream arena. Creative artists who continuously break the boundaries in film, video, art and music are promoted through this festival so they, too, have a voice in a market saturated with commercial entertainment designed to satisfy audience expectations.

The Short Film Series turns the spotlight on truly independent short films, created by new and established filmmakers

The purpose is to allow anyone regardless of country, to step to their dreams and start taking the steps to live life with passion and purpose.

The Short Film Series main focus is to be a place where emerging filmmakers and artists around the world have a shot to be discovered and fulfill their dreams.


07/11/2022 00:00

Radical Frame Film Festival presents Short Film Series - Berlin

  We at the Radical Frame Film Festival are proud to announce the tenth edition of the SHORT FILM SERIES - Berlin, Germany.  We are happy to present original and exciting short films from different countries. Some of these films have received awards in prestigious international...

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